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Sound Boys & Science Fiction: Two things I love

This was what my family was into whilst I was growing up, massive sound systems set up in parks or houses, sometimes two systems, having a sound clash. The audience decides who is the best. We loved these events as children, it was so lush. All day in the park with all your cousins and siblings, loads of food and ice cream and fizzy drinks, grown ups happy, therefore letting us run free. It definitely had a positive influence upon me, and started a love affair with music and tolerance of others. My uncle had a massive sound system, taking it to the park required two vans, I wish I had pictures of my own, maybe my aunties do...
In fact, it was at a sound clash where my parents met, my dad had one called cosmic sounds, what a cheese mister.You're hurting me Daavveeee, please Dave...

Is there any better film than this? Some as good for sure, but none better. One of the only times I can think of where the film is as good as the book. Kubrick was on fire with this one.

The orgasmatron machine, powered by the evil megalomaniac Duran Duran. Barbarella being the sexpot she is, breaks the machine, for no orgasm is too powerful for her. Not sure how many times I have watched this film, but I do not think a time will come where I will become bored by it.

Do you know what? I could talk about Dune all day, the book is defo better than the film, but the film is wonderfully done. I am not a big David Lynch fan, but Dune is a lush. The actors, the colours, the sets, the adherence to the book is all a positive in my eyes. The book though, whole other level, the Dune book series was/is (yep, still a geek) a bible for me as a teenager, taught me more about religion, fanatics and human nature than my religious study classes. Frank Herbert a king of Science Fiction, all of his books are worth reading, all of them.

Baron Harkonnen, the most openly evil man in the Dune universe, he has everybody on his planet fitted with a heart plug, that he can pull out at any time. So fat, he has to float everywhere, a true fiend.

'He who controls the spice, controls the universe'
If that means nothing to you, please in the name of all things pure: GO AND READ THE FIRST DUNE BOOK ASAP. The top Bene Gesserit witch, and the Emperor. Both sinister complex characters with hidden agendas. Which brings me on to my favourite characters in the Dune books, aside from the sand worms, the Bene Gesserit

I would wax lyrical for you about these ladies, but I am saving for a different time, yes, they deserve that kind of attention. Here is what some other Dune braindancer's have to say:






  1. Barbarella, I love that movie to bits!

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