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Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

Metropolis is one of the best films ever made. I think it was done around the 1920's. Some say it has not stood the test of time, but I reckon it has.
I love this woman, she is called Rachael, a chracter from a Philip K Dick book. If I could, I would dress like her everyday. 1940's Style.
The Bionic Woman, I find it hard to look at this face without laughing, it's like a robot surprised owl.Klaus Kinski, scary ass mofo, but so lush also. I would totally do what ever he said.
One of the best music video's I reckon. Chris Cunningham is always on top of his game.The Jetsons, the wonderful jetsons cartoon. I need to be watching more cartoons these days, I spend too much time, ahem, working, yes thats right, in my world, just being in the office is work.Moscow cold war robots.How good is her dress? Talking of dresses, I have the most tip top costume for my Sci-Fi party, I am a strong contender for first prize. Anybody who shouts fix can eat my shorts, time and money went into my garments. Sci-Fi is a way of life people. Pictures will be posted.I love him, in many ways Data is my idea of the perfect man.


  1. Cool images! Waiting to see your sci fi costume.

  2. Thank you sister, I have to say, waaayyy too much effort has gone into my outfit, I even got James from too many tights to make me a pair of leggings, that is dedication. I WILL NOT BE BEATEN...I AM GOING TO WIN TEN MINUTES WITH THE CAPTAIN. Even if the captain is my own husband, maybe I can do a dance for him, a la Under Seige.
    Steven Segal, such a contradiction in terms, should I keep it to my self that I totally fancy him in Under Seige and Marked For Death...? *cue tumbleweed and stony silences from all corners of the earth*


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