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Ladies I Like & Admire

One of my most loved albums of all times, every track is a winner, loved it so much, I went and bought vol 2, which is nearly, oh so close, as good.

Lelia Arab is up there with the big guns when it comes to making music for braindancers. Her last album was so wicked, and I am deeply into her album called Like weather. She does a lot with Bjork, in fact, when I went to see Bjork in concert (2003) it was Lelia who had more stage presence in my opinion. She was bathed in blue light, smoking a spliff, just doing her thing. Was lush to see. We all know why I am down with this lady, because she is beautifully mad and vibrant.
Do not mess with Grace, my daughter just asked me what she is trapped in. Out of the mouths of babes. She is trapped in being to damn cool for her own good.

Wife of Miles, a musical talent in her own right, I am very taken with this woman, I strongly recommend getting hold of some of her albums.
The band above was the brainchild of Prince, and they are good. Any band that has the balls to perform in actual underwear gets my vote. Some of the songs, the words stick in your head for ages. 'I'm a sex shooter, shooting in your direction' is a chorus that stays in the mind.

Ah, to be as sexy as this girl, I have a jumper just like this, but I would not subject anybody to me flashing my goodies in such a way.


  1. That is one group of gorgeous women. I will check out Leila Arab. What about Joan Armatrading? She is one of my alltime great singers/heroes.

  2. Anonymous10.6.09

    YES! Add pam grier and we are so *here* =)


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