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An Electric Storm

Delia Derbyshire is a electronic musical legend. This lady is the genuine synth queen. You think you do not know who she is maybe? Shame on you if that is the case, Delia produced the Dr Who theme. She was the first lady to record the most exquisite and upsetting noises from synths. Just look at the equipment she worked with.D.D was a member of the BBC Radiophonic workshop before & when it was in it's golden age. This is what we call a braindance coincidence.

Derbyshire was called upon to do music for drama and documentary programmes set in the distant past, the unseen future or deep in the human psyche - in fact any area where an orchestra would be out of place. Science, arts and educational programmes also benefited from her abstract style.

http://www.delia-derbyshire.org/This alone is enough for me to worship her, combine it with the facts that she dressed herself in Biba & Mary Quant, collaborated with Jimi Hendrix, she always kept a book of logorhythms in her back pocket and rocked a Vidal Sassoon black bob, I could wax lyrical all day long about her genius.

Bow Down before her presence.


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