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These pictures scare me, yet I like them

Creepy ass Ray Donley. I was looking through his pictures today, and even though I really admire the colour, textures, obvious skill, and the way he seems to have captured a tangible hold on the uglier sides of human personalities, these pictures leave me a little uneasy. He seems to have a bit of the old world painter about him, styles like Da Vinci and Rembrandt, yet with an perverse twist more in tune with our century.Masks, knifes and darkness.

Also I very much like the umbrella under which he paints: The Art Of Los Bien Perdidos ( The Profoundly Lost Ones)


  1. I like these too! Thanks!

  2. They are good, how do they make you feel when you look at them? I really like them, even though they unsettle me somewhat, do they unsettle you at all?
    I like the fact that they make me uneasy, they talk to the darker side of me, the side that wants to wear a mask.


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