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On a trival tip, where can I get this shirt from?
On a non so trival tip, I am comitted to doing a degree now, seeing as my work place is buying it.
Gulp, so now I work full time, study for a degree and try (mainly succeding, yes, I am that sure of myself in this department)to be one of the lushest parents money cant buy.
I have given up tobacco, 95%of the booze, *she says, drunk blogging* and I skip instead of running (old lady shins)
Getting old you see, even if I do still get
id'ed when out, I know what time it is

Black Milk
I am trying to give up, but James makes it so bloody hard, I'm not sure if I like him or dislike him, thin line.
Braindance fact: the Earth's albedo is 31%
What's yours?

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  1. wow another perfect post! i love it!


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