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Hello Braindancers, here we are in 2012, the year the Mayans say it's all going to turn to dust
New world order time and lack of food and water, something to look forward to eh?
Christmas came and went, usually I am well bah humbug, but I got into this year, possibly because I couldn't believe i had 11 days off work, and what did i do with them i hear you say?
I cooked cleaned, shopped and tided, BUT with a drink in my hand (pink gin, landlords tipple-champagne with a brandy in, Guinness with Tia maria and red wine.)
Cheers Jesus.
We even had a tree for the first time, and I ate so much cheese it made me throw up, good times.
You know you're getting old when it's not booze making you sick but an almighty selection of cheese. fyi: I dont normally eat cheese, but I needed to sample all 20(!) flavours as the cheese palace they came from is shutting down, it was my duty

This picture made me what a ribs swimsuit, the girl above is a Black Milk superfan (I used to be, more of that later) and she defo takes the best pictures on the fanpage, without a doubt.
The Ultimate Black Milk girl above? I think she is a strong contender
I love this dress and hummed and ahhed for months, but it is just too sexy, I couldnt handle the attention it would generate, big headed but true

My collection of BM galaxies.
I have been a super fan since feb 2009, and now 2012 it is a massive company with girls all over the world buying into it.
This has broken my own addiction, my husband breaths a sigh *how many do you need?*
because I know I am probably going to see somebody wearing bm threads next time I go out and that people, takes away some of the lust induced desire
Rarity, uniqueness, touch and colour command my garment choice
I wont stop wearing mine,Galaxies,
liquids and velvets, I salute you and I do have a flame still for the sheer spartans, but for now, I will sit down and let the 52,000+ ladies spread the bm word like it deserves.
Wow, I.am.getting.so.old.


  1. This might sound weird but I was just thinking about you and this blog the other day. Funny you should post about Blackmilk. Back then it was like our little club and now it's so, so huge. I've since decided that leggings aren't my thing, but I'm seriously coveting your galaxy collection. They're all gorgeous. Hope you have a great new year!

  2. That is probably the creepiest, yet equally fascinating and amazing set of photos I've seen in blogland for a while!! So thank you for the collection! Cheers for the comment on foxyman dude, I really appreciate it :D Your new years actually sounds fabulous!!! Especially the retiring with a smile on your face after the pink champagne situation. Happy new year, I hope it's a good one for ya! Nadia xoxo


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