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Who Said It Was Going To Be Easy?

The camera above took all the space pictures in this post, very impressive lens action

I like this girls style, am now the proud owner of 4 out of the 7 Black Milk galaxy leggings. Must.stop.collecting.
James makes it so hard though, he just has boom diggy prints.
Am now lusting after the bee leggings and the burnt velvet babydoll. And the jellyfish.

How many of you spent many an hour playing computer games as a child?
Me too
I have been ill this weekend, feeling well sorry for myself, so Mr Braindance bust out the SNES Console, original Mario Kart and honey & lemon does lift ones spirits.
As does kicking your 13 year old brothers arse at computer games, doesnt happen to often these days.
He did take me down on Streetfighter though, at which point I declared I was much too poorly to play games anymore 0_0

What are the point of slugs?
What do they do for the ecosystem?
Who eats them?
Why is it so repugnant to me when I try to flick them onto a piece of paper to put them outside (our back door gap is comically big)and they retract their gross little bodies?

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