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I have something to admit, I cried during the film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was at the cinema, aged 10. The scene where Splinter is tortured destroyed me.

Hussein Chalayan
Which one of the above would you be?
Ming The Merciless right hand girl, Gareth Pugh inspiration surely?
Or, Flash Gordon's earth lady? who's a bit spunky, I am using the American meaning of the word, not the English, that would just be wrong.
Or would you be Ming's daughter, the achingly beautiful, overtly sexual & manipulative Princess Aura?

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  1. O dear!...we only got 4 inches 2 nights ago...last week was bad however like 18 inches...yes to the brandy, anything to keep warm....hahaha stay bundled up i heat cuddling also cures the winter bluez!!


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