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Website Find

Lots of literary tattoos on human beans. Some are super cheese, some are rather sweet, and some, well, I will leave you to make up your own mind.

A lot of the people on there have gone for the line: So it goes, from the late, great Kurt Vonnegut's book, slaughterhouse 5.


  1. i love that website. i remember seeing a tatt with the vonnegut quote 'everything was beautiful and nothing hurt' which is one of my fave lines. although the actual tatt was ugly. way to ruin beauty!

    yes, i love passive agressive notes too! always good for a giggle at other people's stupidity

  2. I love that website! I was in heaven when I discovered it. I'm so glad you love Leon so much! I forgot how amazing it is and am so happy that I rediscovered it :D
    P.S. You are most certainly added to the blog list xo


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