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Roast Beef Monster Munch

Hello my lurking lovelies,
Lots of work and lush weather for a change, so less of this:

And more of this:

Been having loads of mentally good intricate dreams as of late, last night I dreamt that I was a Birmingham rude boy, which is what I would have been if I was born a boy and left in the city instead of escaping to Cornubia at a tender age. One dream had a dream within a dream that centred around a book being read in the dream within the dream.

Hardly any raving going on, pennies and brain cells are being saved instead, all though I am hitting up a wedding next week, and it would just be plain rude to stay sober at a wedding I reckon.

Whatever I wear, I hope one of the old boys react like this, spread the love, that's what I say.

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