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Go On, Eat Yourself.

Some people, what goes on in the bit that should be dancing? I really want to know the deal with this, that might be because I am overtired and red wined up, but seriously, what the frigg?
Did the vision of herself as a cake come to her in her sleep, or was it a conscious decision? What did her family say? Does she look like the kind of woman you could reason with? Can anybody else see the groom screaming for help through his eyes? Please, if anybody can help me figure this out, maybe I will be able to sleep tonight...Here we have a Mona Lisa made from a selection of pork slices. I am disturbed by this image, partly because I just do not understand why you would want a pork Mona Lisa. porky smile is quite good though.


  1. The fuckery in the first picture is just too much for me...

    * gouges eyes out and rolls them like dice *

  2. Maybe she’s a habitual self-harmer that feels the urge to cut herself even on her big day?
    N’ah, that’s rubbish…apologies!
    I think she might just have egocentricity issues & I’m a bit disconcerted by the look in her eyes & the fact that she’s got a knife in her hand, she seems to be thinking;
    “OMG, they didn’t make my booty big enough…I’ll kill them”!
    Pork slice Mona Lisa, the guy obviously works behind the meat counter at ‘Morrisons’ & she’s a arts teacher.
    Their friends (bastards) thought, let’s give them something extremely perishable that they can’t keep for the rest of their lives nor sell on ‘Dickinson’s Real Deal’ 20 years from now, nasty peeps, not very nice!
    I have to admit that I do like the last picture & I’d quite happily keep him in my front room :) now I don’t quite know what that says about me?!

  3. The fuckery levels are seriously high in the first picture, it's true. Now I have had some sleep it is all a bit clearer. She wanted to be able to say 'Have a piece of me' at least a hundred times on her big day, thereby inticing a riot centered around the deliciousness of her butt cheeks.

    Calamity, you are so right about her being a art teacher and him working on a deli counter, it makes perfect sense. I bet they had mona lisa by Frank Sinatra played as they enjoyed a porky gorge fest. Imagine the smell at that reception, would be like the thunder dome in Mad Max 3.

  4. Very disturbing, all of it.


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