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Cherry Brandy Is Nearly As Good As A Strawberry Daiquiri

I just had this man come to my door, trying to sell me sky TV.

Don't you hate it when you rush to answer the door whilst busy, only to find it is somebody trying to sell you material possessions or god? He asks if I am the lady of the house, erm no, not lady, just the fly girl who owns it. Then after insulting my outfit, too bright apparently, he tries to convince me why I need sky. When I tell him that I watch very little TV (about 6 hours a week) he then goes on to explain this is because I do not have sky TV, if I had that, I would watch lots more. What kind of fooly wang is this? Watching TV is a choice moron, I try not to watch it ever, but nobody is perfect, apart from Mariah Carey, so a little slips in now and then. I explain to him that my family and I have allocated our time on earth to other things, like oh I don’t know, having a life. Get off my doorstep a-hole.


  1. Television the drug of the nation!
    I have the standard five channels, mostly full of crap & the occasional nugget of useful information or indeed entertainment that can rightfully be described as such, who in their right mind would even want anymore than that?!
    Very poignant pictures as usual.


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