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Enough Is Not Enough

All I can think about at present is Sci-Fi, this is quite normal, but I am thinking about it even more due to my party coming up on Sunday. I am so excited. Never have my inner circle done fancy dress before, they are all a bit to cool for school, but they have bowed to my birthday whims this year. I started to 'break in' part of my costume yesterday, in fact, I did most of my blogging whilst wearing a spandex purple leotard and gold cut out leggings from James at too many tights.com Living the dream...Two of my favourite Sci-Fi characters, Ming the Merciless is so much cooler than flash, I was always on his side as a child watching Flash Gordon. FLASH!!! AHHHH AA AHHH!!!! Fibre optic tops, I cannot deny it, I am a high grade geek. The one on the right is perfect. My wig is this colour, but a bit of a sharper bob, I would love to be wearing this outfit to the party, top Sci-Fi ensemble. The girl above has one of the tightest bodies I have ever seen. I am sure she boosted the Deep Space Nine ratings, or was she on Voyager, shame on me for not remembering, my dad would shake his head and tut.

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