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I want to dress like a comic book character

How good would life be if it was acceptable to dress like this most of the time? If for some reason, you have not been to too many tights web page, please do so. The man is a genius, I have had no money for months now, and it is all his fault. It is a very sad day indeed, when you no longer want to dress up as a comic book character. Very sad. My being nearly 30 has not deterred me in the slightest, nor the lovely Queen Michelle over at Kingdom Of Style.


  1. You have killer pins. I'm 23 and I would kill to have legs like yours... A figure like yours.

    Wonder Woman too for that matter. After all this leggings madness, I still haven't been able to wear a pair of "wet-look" ones. I have the fear.

  2. Thank you Miss S, it is running after turds, sorry, I mean children all day that keeps me from slobbing out. And not being able to drive whilst living in big hill city all my life.

    Wet look leggings can be scary, I stayed away till Too many tights came into my life, he speaks to the comic book character in me, I actually think I am one some days.
    My daughter gave me the rather dubious accolade of being the most immature adult she knows.

    PS: I cheated on that photo, stretched it so my legs look longer and thiner, photoshop is not just for Kate Moss you know. Check me, somebody get braindance a saucer of milk...

  3. I was actually reminded quite recently that I was drawn as a superhero before! My ex boyfriend, of many years ago, came upon my blog and sent me some drawings he'd done of me when we were going out together and one of them was Michelle as Superhero! Sadly I wasn't wearing cool leggings - just a teeny wee pair of pants. Total fiction because anyone who knows me knows I like big comfy knickers. Maybe he was trying to tell me something at the time....oops!


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