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Things I am worrying about today and last night when I should have been sleeping.

Swine flu.
My eldest daughter growing boobs.
The fact I turned down a weekend of raving, because I fear, I am getting old. The 7 hour drive in the back of a car, just to get there was making me think about my knees aching. O.L.D.
Man's need for total destruction.
That I am reading Sagan books too quickly. One of the best writers ever. Fact.
My narcissistic blogging.
Bees, again. Bees all through the day.
The fact that my mother actually believes in God, she is not just pretending.


  1. Does your (crazy) fear of bees come from allergies? Deadly allergies? I love your blog by the way.. Sorry it's taken so long for me to respond to your lovely comments; I am, at best, a massive slacker. I will probably continue to comment on every post until you ban me or I run out of steam.. Whichever comes first. Consider yourself added. x

  2. My bee fear is due to the fact that we are losing them in crazy fast numbers. Imagine a world with no mofo bees, all food produce pretty much gone. Saying that, I think the Chinese have been hand pollenating for a while, due to all their bees dying or vanishing. Where the frigg are they going? Some underground bee club? Are they thinking, fuck you humans, you suck.


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