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Pictures were found on the internet, I do not know who's they are.

I really managed to embarrass myself on here the other day, with somebody I have never met. Still a cringe factor when I email them about some leggings he is making me. If you read this, hi James @ Toomanytights.com. :0)
I emailed him at midnight, completely wazzed on wine, and started talking a load of shizer, you know the drill, seems really funny and on point, til you read it back to yourself in the cold light of day. Well, it gave him and his friends a chuckle, so all is not lost. Just my dignity.
The room was spinning as I wrote, most people would take that as an indication to put the laptop down, (I curse thee, wifi) but no, not I. I felt it imperative to inform said stranger of my ongoing affair with Joan Crawford.
Well, it is nearly as bad as my friend and I getting two 17 year old boys drunk in the park at 5pm (we were already drunk) on a Monday, but not quite as bad. I wish I could say it was years ago, but it was last month. Maybe, one day, I will have the balls to write about that. Saying that, I am nearly certain nobody reads these braindance musings, and I could pretty much get away with blurbing out anything, like the time I...


  1. those pictures are really cool i think you should show your face on the pictures though but this blog is hot i think i'll follow

  2. Thank you Notion, I am glad you enjoy the musings on offer. I do not show my face, as I like some sort of privacy, I find it a bit freaky putting myself on display. Saying that, what is more revealing, my thoughts, or my face?


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