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So, I was thinking today about the lack of appreciation for fine looking, funny looking men. Why is that? I am far more receptive to a man that looks like a man, girlie boys do not cut it on the planet I am from. I have compiled a visual list.
I was looking at coilhouse blog, they did a list a while back, but there was not a brown face on it. Strange.This man is so fine, easy on my eye, and so seriously funny. My music teacher in year 7 used to say "boys, marks out of ten? I would give her one" This phrase applies here.Here is a midget of pure sex. I am allowed to make that statement, because according to the chart in Dr Julian's office, we are the same height. Purple rain in all it's glory. For me to want to put a donk on him though, I would need a time machine. The beards he sports these days are just too cultivated for my tastes. Intensity at it's best I reckon. Read a Michel Faber book if you do not get it. Plus, I am a sucker for a strong nose. So very overlooked and forgotten for his insane contribution to the world of hip hop. Was all about Jazzy Jeff for me whilst watching the fresh prince. Look at the size of his forehead, pure brain, with a lot of dance in it. Is capable of scaring the shiezer out of me, but still I would. Klaus Kinski is one freaky looking man, but hard to turn away from.
Again, time machine needed, but try to deny the quality steez of Egyptian lover in his hay day.
A fist full of dynamite changed my life, here is one of the reasons.
Kool mo dee was able to rock tight leather like no other. Fresh. A new contender coming in strong, Jason Statham aka Fuck you Chelios!

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