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Certified Braindance

Why, hello there.
Been a long time, thank you to those who still look back upon this blog, even though I have been as silent as the moon.
60 hour Science jobs do that, and computers that take 10 mins to download a picture also curb the flow.
My bro is going to take the computer, and do something to it, it sounded rude, something fragging.
I have been promoted, Braindance is moving labs, in my new lab I get to wear a lab coat. So chuffed, at the mo I wear all white clothing, but no coat.
Where I am going is more of a concept lab rather than routine tests with noisy machines, so I wear my clothes with a coat on top.
It's the little things

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  1. Congratulations on your promotion! But don't give up this blog! xoxo


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