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This is my primary school t-shirt.
If you don't think it's awesome, you're wrong.
Just like the new headmaster who has come along and has decided to replace it with a moribund, generic drawing by a10 year old.
What is wrong with it?
And he is changing the colour of the uniform from bottle green to a blue tons of schools use.
But I'm not bitter or spending time on matters that no longer concern me,oh no.

I went to a birthday party, that was meant to be fancy dress party (the theme was faulty)
I really went to to town on my baby Jane outfit, I'm talking white face pant, blond wig, the works.
All really ace right?
Wrong, NOBODY ELSE made even a tenth of the effort I did.
My husband said I looked as scary as a paedophile corpse, so after an hour of freaking everybody out, I got changed in to the outfit above, still a bit of white face paint round the edges.
A cock cake

Water spray on a boat I catch a lot, beats the bus for sure
A machine I use at work, immature enough to chuckle at ultrasonic probe intensity?
Me too

A very mixed outfit to go and see Tron Legacy, more like Gash Legacy. Outfit is a mixture of granny bag and running shoes. Don't judge me, it was very icy that night, grip was needed

Gratuitous, pretentious vanity shot
The second or third, I can never remember, natural deepest harbour in the world

So many hours spent walking underneath this pier.
Only came close to falling in once, and yes, I was drunk

Now, as a grown up, I am too scared to try it

Early morning hangover walk, to ascertain the time of the first ferry

The town of my early 20s, pre marriage
Good times

The best thing about this picture is my chin, I look like I have stubble

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