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7 Facts

The original and vivacious Calamity Jem has tagged me with a 7 facts about you.

1: I lit and set off my first ever paper lantern this weekend. A real 2001 space experience. The night was very still, cold and plenty of stars. Send it away with your dreams, and watch which direction they take. Light the candle attached, it fills up with air in about 20 seconds, you give it a little push, and off it goes. It glows an orange colour which looks beautiful against a backdrop of diamond stars and inky sky. A real treat that was. I recommend getting some from Amazon.

2: I wanted to be in the SAS for most of my teenage years, I still have all the books. Sad, but so true.
Frederick Forsythe, Andy McNab, SAS security handbook to name a few. The fact that women were not allowed to join made me want it even more. I really thought I was cut out for extreme survival and adventure, glossing over all the killing and loss of identity.

3: I have never had a McDonald's burger, sure, I have eaten more than my fair share of junk food, but never a maccy D's

4: I went to my first proper rave at 16. A huge rave called Tribal Gathering on a estate just outside of London.
My love affair with Detroit electronic music started there, and continues today. Jeff Mills and Aux 88 were the highlights. The man I went on to marry was at the same rave, in the same music tent as me for ages, but I did not meet him till 8 years later

5: I am a bit of a fatist, I cannot help it. Blame my mother.

6: My ancestors are from a tribe in Africa called the Bobo Ashanti tribe, a fierce African tribe from Kumasi, Ghana.

History books say that it was mostly this tribe that was taken to be slaves in Jamaica.

*interesting but random fact*

In times gone by, most

surnames for people of African descent, but taken to other parts of the world were not there own. They are the surname of the last slave owner to be in possession of them.
That is the reason Malcom X changed his name from Malcom Little to X.
My sports teacher at secondary school had the same surname as me, but the spooky bit is, she was a white women whose grandparents were white Jamaicans, and we were both from the same part of the island. Big chance that her family once owned mine. We found out, because I was going on holiday to Jamaica for three months during school time, so it came up in conversation one day. We hated each other from day one, before we knew anything about our possibly interweaving history. We really did not like each other, but came into frequent contact because I was good at sport. I changed sports because I found her so repugnant.

7: I once outdrank a sailor on a train, a fact I am mighty proud of. He gave me his submariner's badge as a mark of (drunken) respect. Then he kinda ruined it by asking me to come to a strip club called Secrets with him, and the three other sailors I did not manage to out drink. I did consider going, til I imagined my husband's face in my mind's eye. Going home totally slaughtered at 4pm was tricky enough.

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