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Reasons To Love Mariah Carey

The reasons I love Mariah, hear me out please, she has got some top pros.
As you shall see in the photos below, she is never far away from a glass of booze.
She drinks booze in the sea, in the snow and when she is being greased up for a music video.
A true professional.
She is 6ft tall. 6ft.
Mariah always was a dinky small person in my minds eye, I love the fact she is Amazonian.
She says shit like, "get me another glass of champagne, motherfucker".
I may have made that one up, but I reckon she does.
When she forgets the lines to one of her own songs, and the backing vocalist steps up and helps her out, she repays them by singing in a breathy voice, "okaay, you can stop sing my part now baby".
Whats not to love? That's if you can forgive the ice shattering warble.

1 comment:

  1. she's like a horrific car crash- you dont want to look but you cant look away ahaha

    she's tacky, yes, but amazingly talented. wish she'd stop the yo-yo dieting but maybe thats part of what makes her so endearing


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