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My £5 charity shop dress. I am dedicating this post to all the outfits I should be wearing, instead of the mummy clocked on uniform that I seem to be wearing 95% of my time.Case in point:
What the frigg happened? When did old age creep up on me?I used to dress for stlye, comfort and substance, not utility and stain proof. All my amazing clothes seem to have been relegated to the "for when the girls are older cupboard" Will I wear them again when they leave home? Or will I be a big fat ass who bakes Stolen and drinks port in the afternoon? Ummm.

These girls are the friends I never had. Everything about how they present themselves intrigues me. I found this picture on the blog Everything You Love To Hate. A pretty lush blog actually.I know, I know, I am a photoshop MASTER. Nina Simone looking beautiful as the morning dew. Sexy, lacy morning dew. I love the Conan films, so ridiculous and camp. Grace with her glaring eyes in Conan the Destroyer was a highpoint. Her character was weakened though, she could have been given more substance I reckon. Om my, am I actually trying to critique the Conan films? Somebody is drunk. Why is this fiend wearing my dress? Why? This is a bad boy, I would wear this any and every chance I got. So Flash Gordon. And if you know anything about me, you will know I think Flash Gordon is the pinnacle of style. Seriously. This dress needs me. It is crying out for me to layer it with bright Tabio tights and silly t-shirts underneath. Trousers above are the holy grail of vintage trousers in my world. Have I found a pair yet? Is the pope not a nazi? The search continues. This outfit is perfection to my eyes, the textures and shapes are what I would like to wear on my casual day to day shizzle.

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