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All We Have Is Learned Ignorance

I had to get this top after I saw Queen Michelle wearing it for a job interview. I had no qualms about biting her style as my brain was dancing about all the ways it would help me dress up as a Sci-Fi lover and comic book geek. Leggings are Silver Spartans by Black Milk of course.

Ooo, I got the liquids the other day, again, they are the best quality and comfort. The man knows what we want, and not one pair of his leggings have ever sagged at the knees, not even a tiny bit. Picture below is of the liquids, but for all you freaks out there, he is now doing full pvc leggings. These ones are only pvc at the front.

I saw somebody wearing this t-shirt at the rave I went to this weekend, I NEED to have this, for my daughter and I to share. It is pure lushness. I remember seeing the design for it on Boing Boing a while back, but never knew the t-shirt actually came to be. I asked the guy wearing it where he got it from, but he would not tell me, just gave me a smug grin and walked off.

I am still looking for the perfect wolf howling at the moon t-shirt also, but it must have all of the following component's:

Wolf (Howling, with a pensive melancholy air)

Native American

Full Moon

And maybe a bear in the background, peering out of the cave.


  1. Oooh silver Spartans with the ASOS top = gorgeous sci-fi heaven!

  2. That shirt is amazing! http://www.threadless.com/product/1960/Three_Keyboard_Cat_Moon


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