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You Any Good With Pencil & Paints?

Seriously though, there is no better than Rembrandt. I went to see a exhibition in London a few years ago. Blew everything I have seen up close out of the water. The light, the strokes, I just sat there for hours in silent awe. A king. This is one of my most loved paintings, I actually got in touch with the gallery selling it, but alas, it was out of my price range, and they are no prints of it being made yet. It is called: Dream Head Going Through A Concrete Dream, and it is by Gil Bruval. He is well worth a google, I tell thee. The painting above, I feel the fear and desperation of the friends, the futility of the duel. Absurdly melancholy and beautiful.

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  1. Seriously. I was trying to go for a loose t-shirt tucked into high waisted trousers and it was not working.


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