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Black Milk Leggings Are All I Seem To Wear Out These Days. Too Many Tights.com

The gold cut outs. The fit on these are amazing. They stay in place, are soft and a joy to wear. Any colour you like can go under them, and they just look like one garment. Have heard a rumor that they may be made in silver also. Damn you James Lillis.
Ah, the gold Spartans. I wear these bad boys pretty much all the time. Any outfit you put them with just becomes a winner. Again the fit is second to none, never have I had a more realistic pair of leggings. No baggy bits, lush material and I am jealous of the sewing technique. People always have to know the history of the Spartans, girls and boys.Silver Spartans are so Sci Fi it hurts. I become that bit more Durham Red with these on. In fact, every night I have worn them, super strong capabilities are mine. For example: being able to carry a very heavy record box downhill IN HEELS, erm, climbing on top of Land Rovers for impromptu photo shoots and shouting my mouth off more than usual. Silver Spartans are for heroines the world over.And now, I await the arrival of the aptly named liquids. Will bring a update once they land from the wonderful planet of Black Milk.
James Lillis, Braindance salutes you.

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  1. Oooh loving them with the pink beaded cardigan.

    Couldn't find your email, because I am a dumpling, so am just stopping by to say THANK YOU for my dmx krew goodies xxx I was both delighted and mortified in equal measures, when Queen Michelle passed them over. My face was red for about a week, when we realised that I had harboured a crush on him for over 10 years. Please reassure Mr Upton, that I respect him as an electronic artiste, and am in no way any threat to his personal safety.
    That said, the next time he comes to Glasgow, you should come too and we can all have a dance...
    Thanks again, it was very thoughtfukl and kind.
    Queen Marie


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