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Matter + Warehouse Project

These are pictures of the 2nd rave, in Manchester. I loved this night for many reasons:
I did not have to work, first time in a year that I have just gone to a rave and not had to do anything
they had table football backstage
Backstage was in a car park that would go back to being a car park at 6am
The Manchester rave crew are really into dancing and having a wicked time, no hanging about on the sidelines looking cool, like the London crew, just straight into a wicked party
Really nice security with no attitude
Did I mention I did not have to work? :0)

This is what I wore to the 2nd rave, never managed to take picture of 1st rave outfit, it was based around another pair of Black Milk leggings though.

London Rave starts here.
Peeping through the foliage, my car. Not really, I would need a lot more money than I have now to own that bad boy. Plus I cannot drive. Yet. Our Hotel upside down

Not really sure why, but this object d' art was on the wall of our hotel room. We gave it a little finishing touch of toilet paper, pretty much sums up how I felt about it.My brother from another mother up on stage doing his thing, killer bees style. The laser & sound engineering boys interface was always interesting.
This party was ace, a bit slower to get into the relaxed vibe, the London crew did have a dance when Aphex and Wisp played.
I worked most of the night, but still had an fresh time.

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