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Rikki Kasso

This man has skills.If you go to his website:


watch yourself, there is a big ass amount of nude ladies, with their lady gardens out to air.
He is an freaky (muchos freaky) fresh photographer. Here are some that I wish I took. All this sharing of imagery has got me saving for my own camera, I would very much like to start recording what I see. Interested to find out if I have any photo skills myself.


  1. His photos make me feel slightly uneasy.. but i like them.. especially the one of the wet glass pane (?).. and.. about your question.. Valentine isnt my real name... a term of endearment's more like it.. given by my dad. :-)

    Sigh. Such a lovely name your daughter has. Ive always wished that my parents named me Valentine.. but Im quite happy with what they chose for me. hehe..



  2. Yup. Im still on it.. about these photos that make me feel all weird. I think its just his "sets" as a whole.. the randomness of it all..

    And you're right about the emotional wizardry.. its what keeps me clicking through page after page. Its funny how his photography makes me feel uneasy and yet I cant seem to stop looking at them. :-)

    Hehehe.. and yes, Iam familiar with the song. Chet Baker makes me melt. :-) I actually didnt know the origins of that name.. well.. other than its a really special day. hehe.. I really like mythology too.. Sparti(a)cus would be a really cool name, I think. :-)


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