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Gin & Tonic Please, Ice And A Slice...I Know It Is Only Just Afternoon, But Damn, I Need Some Form Of Release.

I love pictures more than words. Maybe because I can write fairly well, but I have no chance of drawing anything that is even OK. I am terrible, I have no imagination, flair or skill when it comes to drawing. My brain seizes up. I remember my daughter asking me to draw a cat for her about 5 years ago. When it was there on the page, she rubbed my back and said 'Never mind Mummy, thank you for trying'

Oh, when I say I can write fairly well, that does not extend to grammar or spelling, just emotion. My friend laughs daily at my atrocious spelling and mistakes, she calls me her well read retard, she is right.

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  1. I would love to swap brains for a while! You are a visual genius. How do you do it?! I love this post. (All the others, too)


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