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The Day After

Was interesting, and a little hazy. Not really surprising, when you think it is a good idea to act like this: I woke up with a furry mouth and a grizzly head. Muchos water was drunk during and after, luckily, I am learning something in my advancing years.
I cannot explain this picture, I can ascertain from it though, and pictures taken on other boozy nights, I have a thing for climbing on pool tables when on the happy juice. I needed to stand on this pool table to swing from the light fixtures on the ceiling, as you do.

I will be sorting out my post of the Sci-Fi birthday bash very soon, here is a taster of the calibre of outfits...


  1. Is it you in the purple wig??

  2. Dude. You are too cool.

    You need to set yourself up with a tumblr account, it's basically a scrap book of images = and it's all the friggin' rage.. Then send me a link.

    Massive lolz. I'm all for a trip to Japan, unforts though the Japan fund is pretty thin.



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