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Apathy Levels Rising...

I should be working, I have loads to do. My head refuses to concentrate on the number crunching. Fresh air it is then. Now I'm back, I am bored, can you tell.?

Did your mother use to say the really annoying phrase, only boring people get bored? It's true.

Maybe I will read some more Victorian Porn courtesy of Sally Waters, and just veg out with some monster munch and shandy bass. Apathy really is a mofo. What is going on with me I wonder. I need to rave it up a bit I reckon, do something out of my normal cycle, if I have wash one more cereal encrusted bowel left on the dining table, so help me god that does not exist, I will go on freaking strike. Who will wash their pants then?

Job title at 29: Chief Knicker cleaner.

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