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Girls Are Strange.com

This made me laugh so very much. I found it on girls are strange.com, which is a funny blog I reckon.

Chelsi: When you think about it, ‘Trojan’ is the worst name to ever give a condom brand.

Angela: How do you figure?

Chelsi: Think about it. Why do we remember Troy? Because a wooden horse slid covertly in. Then lots of men spilled out and ripped the city apart. FROM THE INSIDE.

Angela: …


  1. hahaha brilliant, I love it.

  2. Anonymous17.5.09

    tis hilarious.
    love your comments over at trashforce! make me laugh all the time.

  3. Thank you fuxsake, I do reckon I am a comedy genius, much to the disgruntlement of my husband.

    He gives me a look now and then, when I am partaking in the joys of happy juice,(which tends to make me louder, and strongly believe that I am defcon one funny) which only makes me more of a comedy a-hole when in his presence.
    The torment continues...


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