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A Story From My Wardrobe

So the narcissist in me is starting to show through my Internet musings, or has it before, and I just have not noticed until now? I always fall back on this dress in times of Psychological need. It makes me feel confident and suitably happy to go about my day. I have worn it to do the school run, much to the horror and amusement of others, to a barb bee queue, to the local shop to get milk and my favourite time wearing it was when I went to see Return to Forever in concert. One of the best nights of my life by the way. I adore the scratchy gold fabric, the lenght and the black military style top half.

It has to be worn with these shoes, which I picked up on ebay about 3 years ago. These shoes are pure Jamaican yardie gold dust. When I put them on and they do this unusual clicking noise as I walk, much lighter timbre than most shoes, a bit like grasshopper's, I come over all a bit more cocksure and flamboyant. They are the only shoes I own that can change my personality so drastically, suffice to say, they only come out on special days.

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