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A friend of mine came to visit me yesterday, was extra special, as I have not seen her for a couple of years. She is beautiful and graceful and full of cheeky genuine love. I adore her and her attitude. It was then that I saw the luscious ring upon her finger. It was gold with the most unusual stone in the middle. When you first looked at it, it looked like smoky quartz, but on deeper inspection, you could see flashes of electric shocking blue. It was truly amazing. The gold it was made from was lustrous and smooth, hypnotic in a gollum kind of way. The jeweler had also made the ring off centre, it was not a perfect circle, and it was a little thicker in places. Perfect. I tried the ring on, was glorious to wear, the stone, which had been cut in a rough hexagon sat flat on the finger. The stone was a type I had never heard of before, called labradorite, so subtly beautiful and luminescent.
See the picture below? The ring I saw was very much like the ring in the bottom far left corner.

Well, it turns out that my friend has been working for the lady who made the ring for the past two years, sourcing jewels and gold from all around the world, hence our loss of contact. I did know she was doing that, but I did not know to what extent. The gold on the ring I saw comes from a mine that has managed to extract the gold without the use of cyanide, and are now intent on no longer using poisonous mercury. The gems and stones are also ethically sourced. My girl has been to Bolivia, India, Tokyo and many other places. She looked happy and fresh and it filled my heart to see her that way. We drank fruit tea, I made soup and to quickly, it was time for her to go.I looked up the lady she works for, and my goodness, the jewellery she makes is divine, in my mind I spent about £30,000. The website is here if you want to have a look. http://www.pippasmall.com/ She has a really lush ethos about her work, anthropology mixed with jewellery design. It is worth reading about her ongoing projects with people from all around the earth. http://pippasmall.com/pages/projects.html
She is not just a rich girl from Notting Hill, my friend said no, she is a true soul with a passion for beautiful things sourced with good karma and honesty. What more could one ask for? Aside from 30 grand to spend on jewellery.

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