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The Sky At Night.

See where the sky turns light pink? Underneath, is where the sky meets the sea. I was given this dress by a very kind friend. I nearly cried with joy, shallow I know, but come on, it's Jenny Packham. It is snake skin sequins, very lush to wear, and did I mention it is snake skin mofo sequins? A gem in my collection for sure.

Who needs reality phase one, when books are about?

This picture made it in because it made me laugh just how bad it is.


  1. My gran takes photos like that.. A group of her friends with all the heads cut off.. "oh Grandma, that's a lovely one of Mavis' cankles"..

  2. Gorgeous sky photography. Oh, and that dress reminds me of..the flintstones? In a really good way ;)

  3. Hello Ladies, welocome to my world of braindance. I hope you carry on enyoying the nonsense that spills forth.

    Te, the dress is quite flintsones, I agree. I should be in the Wu-Tang video, what was that called? Remember it? They are all mad max-hardcore flintstones stylee.

    And thank you Miss S for passing through, I am chuffed, coz I think you're blog is ace. I hope for you that all the grannies have their legs shut in said photos, because I have seen some where they are FULLY OPEN. Thanks to my mate D, my retinas are forever burned with that memory.

  4. That night skky is so so gorgeous. We recently witnessed this amazing sunset including oranges, pinks, purples, blues and greys. Absolutely stunning that it made me tear lol.

    Funky dress, I saw the patterning and gasped then I noticed it was made from sequins and gasped somemore haha.


  5. The dress is fresh, I gasped when my friend gave it to me :0)
    I wore it on new year with brown high shoes and loads of gold.


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