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Shall I sell my Ossie Clark?

I have a beautiful dress, it is flowing and sexy and demure all at the same time. It is a print that reminds me of Japanese origami paper in colours I consider to be the best, that is grey, blue, black and white. I love many other colours, but am pretty sure these are my soul colours. I should sell it, would make loads of cash as it is a super rare Celia Birtwell print, nearly did it on ebay, even contacted the biggest Ossie Clark shop on the net. They wrote back saying could I send a picture? What to do? I am without a penny, the money would buy so many useful things, I have pictures of me in it, I have memories of me in it. My daughter will be a bit cross, but she is such a wise little dolly, she would not be angry for long. This child was taken to Hamleys, told she could have what ever she wanted, she chose a tiny soft toy. Ossie, you crazy, flamboyant, mad skilled champagne loving spirit, come back from the dead and tell me what to do. Saying that, I only have to recall his diaries, the years he spent skint, he sold most things he had. Is that my answer?

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