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Lush Libraries

I found a top website today, dedicated to all the mentally good libraries around the world. It looks like the people who do the site have had the total pleasure of going to lots of different countries and taking pictures of the libraries they find there. That to me is a dream. I am a librophiliac, if you think you may be, check the website: http://curiousexpeditions.org/2007/09/a_librophiliacs_love_letter_1.html
This one is Riggs Library in Georgetown, USA I think, enjoying the immense size and sci fi vibe of this one.

I could happily spend many a day in libraries, soaking up the musty smells, getting distracted by books I have never heard of, enjoying the colours and textures, I even enjoy shelving, like a lot. The dewy system is in my top ten of genius inventions.
This one is so warm and inviting, a big armchair and a side table with red wine, cheese and crackers is all that is missing from this picture.

The British library in King's Cross is so ugly, yet so beautiful because of it's functionality. The big dark red box it appears to be from the outside belies the intricate, light quiet space it is inside. I had a wicked time doing my studies here, gazing wistfully at the King's library. As a mere churl, I was denied entry.
I have some wonderful libraries around me, built by a philanthropist heavily into building libraries and colleges. They are intense jutting granite structures with turrets and sweeping staircases. So lush.This library is so over the top, I love it. The colour saturation very stylish. I could happily swan around here, I mean what is that, pink marble? Possibly the most extravagant library I have ever seen.
My all time favourite so far, the Sansovino library in Rome. Man, that floor is beyond belief. I went to Rome once, was very lucky to be shown around by a close friend who is Roman. We went to the Vatican, but the library was shut, I was gutted. Although, another friend did cheer me up by shouting penis when we were on the 2nd level of the dome. It echoed for ages.

The pictures are of the libraries I would most like to visit after seeing them on the website mentioned above. I have seen some of them before in an excellent book called, wait for it, libraries.

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