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Change Of Mind, Earth Sciences Are Fully Lush, Actually Experiencing The Joy Of Learning, Huzzah!

A marble cave in Chile I think
Chocolate mountains, forgotten where they are

Plate tectonics, I take it all back, it was late, I was tired

Would have liked to have seen this
Would like to be able to do makeup like this
At 5, I thought I was this
I would pay top dollar for a jumper like this

I got one of these for Christmas once, I remember the feelings of total contentment with my lot in life.
 Endless hours of fun, It still looks great to me, even now.
Picture above reminds me of my brother, he is a extremely gifted teenager, but will he go to the dark side? 
As of yet, he is undecided, I am his Yoda.
His parents went to the dark side, I didn't, he has me and my crew, but does he want us?
Marriage material
A Dali picture I am into

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