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Mary And The Giant

Hello my lurking image lovers, I must admit, I do wonder what kind of people you are, the computer tells me that about a 1000 braindance visits happen every week.
Who are you?
All I can gather, is that you are creatures of habit and silent.
A bit like me when I lurk on other blogs.

I did have statmaster capabilities, I could look at the country, the ip, the duration etc...
But it all felt a little creepy, not at all why I started to blog, stalking strangers is not my bag. Yes, I am talking to YOU facebook, twitter & myspace addicts.
So, now I just get a email telling me how many visits I have had that week, without all the other information.
Trying to write a book instead of posting every week,it's bloody hard.

So far, I have managed terrible prose, over emotional sentiment and cringe worthy self pity.

One of the best authors of all time, Frank Herbert.

As is P.K.D.

This man had such skill when it came to writing a story, an higher echelon of imagination. His books should be compulsory school reading material.

Sorry, but lets at least agree that it is very well done. The artist seems to think so, he even went to the trouble of signing it.


  1. So, you're writing the same kind of book I can't write? Bad prose, sentimental, self pity, ckeck!

    Meanwhile, these images are enthralling.

  2. I'm wondering Y your using my image that it (C) copy right? It looks like you just a other Jr. rip off copy artist not a not a self thinker designer. What are you?


  3. Sorry for offending you, I have taken them away.
    Lovely pictures you take, really nice vibe to them.
    I am somebody who likes to make beautiful picture posts whilst at work.
    Your right, I am not a designer, but I am self thinker
    All the best

  4. incredible that someone would get offended by having their work honored on this blog...?
    even so, putting together a collection such as this requires you to be a self-thinker. what a funny rant.


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