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The picture above is me trying to do a picture as good as the one below. I think we can all agree I still have a lot of practicing to do.

I often feel like the dude above, AAAAAAAAA!
What a turd.
You would think she would have had an
epiphany about why she was so fat and lazy the day she pulled up a chair to wait in a queue at Burger King.
Some people have to be seen to be believed.

Well, I have to say, in the last year or so of finding images for this blog, the two above and below this text have disturbed me some what.
Why was the picture above even made? Why?
And what are they trying to sell in the picture below? Space age bum sex?

I cannot read the text in the top right hand corner, I need to know


  1. I liked your beach picture. Not the same. Different. As beautiful though.



  2. Your beach picture was just as beautiful.

  3. Why, thank you ladies,even though I know I am still quite ham fisted with my camera, it is lovely of you to say.
    You shall now be sujected to more braindance photos in the future, dont say I didn't warn you...

  4. Anonymous15.8.10

    Hi, I have been able to read the text you mention on the pic with the two "space dancers/lovers", here you are:

    "East meets West in the vast, weightless reaches of outer space. Soviet cosmonaut radios, "My bird has landed!" while pretty U.S. astronaut muses aloud "I wonder why this reminds me og the U.S. Soviet grain deal".

    I can't make much sense of out it, though.

  5. Wow, thank you.
    I also am having trouble with this explanation, sex has never reminded me of birds pecking at grain, that would just be painful, the beak jabbing away in a methodical manner.
    I always imagined cosmonaut nooky to be a bit more fluid


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