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  1. alex g12.5.10

    hello braindance.

    i've been following your eclectic collection for a while now.

    why don't you state the sources when showing all these pictures / illustrations / photographies ?

    looking forward for a reasonable argument on that question.

    if you care to reply:

    i'll be following further on,
    alex from bucharest, romania.

  2. Hello Alex,

    That is a good question,I have a couple of answers, but the most truthful answer is, I am too lazy, hence me being here, and not on Tumblr.
    It would take the fun out of it to a certain extent, making it more like work.
    (Cataloguing/database/order is a big aspect of my work life)
    I wanted to do something a bit more organic.

    I presume that everybody looking knows that I am not trying to take the credit for any of the images, even the ones that are mine.
    I do keep a catalogue of all the images I use in named folders, so if I really needed to find a source, I think I could 80-90% of the time

    Also, I try to create a story or vibe with very loose parameter's within the pictures I use, I like the way it flows from picture to picture without words, giving people the space to take from it what they want

    I also use obscure google searches a lot, sometimes a random picture will come up, with no way of identifying who it is by or where it came from.
    As a rule, I generally do not use Ffffound (my spyware tells me it's unsafe)
    Flickr (I find the interface tedious) or any other image storing website.
    Braindance is a labour of love in some respects, I enjoy the Braindance coincidence of the images I stumble across, and I try to reflect that in the way I present them.

    I have tried putting a disclaimer at the bottom of every page, stating that the pictures are not mine, and if you want credit for a picture, or it taken down, please contact me.
    I have seen this in other places, and thought it was a good idea.
    The reason I have not done it is, *cough cough* I do not know how to! I cannot figure out blogger past the simple programs.
    Lame I know, but truthful

    If there are any images you are particularly interested in knowing the origin of,feel free to ask, and I will try to procure an answer for you

    All the best,


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