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You do need the Wisp man in your life, I assure you. Google this mofo if you are not in the know.
The picture below is a portrait of his mother.

Big Trouble In Little China is up there in the films I love. This scene reminds me of hours spent playing Mortal Kombat in the arcade during summer holidays

Holy Mountain is one of the oddest films I have seen, not sure if I like it or not, think I am somewhere in the middle

I saw Scarface for the first time last month, I have seen bits of it before, but last time I watched it the whole way through to the 'say hello to my little friend' line. Tony Montana was a nut job, why did he kill his sister's husband? The end scene is so ridiculous, I really liked it

A warning to us all ladies, Miles Davis's face below says it all


  1. You always source the best & most mind boggling pictures, I do so LOVE your blog!

  2. Aw, thank you Calamity, it's lush that you like it. It has turned into a mini pressure relief from number crunching, I thought I would get bored doing it after a few months, but I do enjoy the things I come across and learn.
    If I was not so lazy, I would give some back history and names to some of the pictures.

    I think your blog world is awsome too, your outfits inspire me to mix up my wardrobe and bit more, take the time to experiment, and your a car booty queen, a girl after my own heart :0)


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