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  1. I love love love the last one, it's amazing!

  2. You stop by so often, yet have nothing to say. I find that...odd. Oh well, keep reading!

  3. Why, do you miss me?
    I do find you morbidly interesting, but you seem to bring out the worst in me, so I have taken to observing you from afar.
    Dont worry, like a typical gemini, I will get bored soon and forget you ever exsisted.

  4. Don't threaten me with a good time. By 'you bring out the worst in me' do you actually mean 'you utterly humiliate me and make me look like the fool that I am', cuz that's how I read it.

  5. I can tell, you miss me.
    That's ok, most people do.

    I cannot say I have ever felt humiliated by you, for that to happen, surely I would have to care?
    This is the internet, it has no relevance to how I feel, it's not real life is it?
    It's something we do when we are bored or should be working

    You to me, are some freaky Mira Hindley head floating about looking for a battle, thing is, we are on different levels, it's just boring now.
    You only have insults or barely covered insecurities to offer, no real debate or thought, you are interesting in a angry way though, I will give you that.


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