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Perceptions Of Beauty

Out of all the ladies below, which one would you most like to be for a day? Or maybe longer...If you are a boy, which one would you like for a girlfriend?
The lady above is a Bene Gesserit witch, in possession of many kinds of mind bending capabilitiesOld school movie star Anna May Wong, first Chinese lady to break into HollywoodBride of FrankensteinA most beautiful native AmericanA black pantherHigh Priestess of a magical kingdom deep in the CongoAfrican QueenMy favourite Sarah Moon subjectSome sort of goth princess, who lives in a labrynith with talking white owlsLady in a ploughed field smoking, wearing a maskspirit fairy in a forest, quite naughty, but lovableLady with a face & body so good, it makes grown men cryDisco party girl I have the best boobies ladyhalf cat, half human Half cat, half dollVery successful 50's pin up with a dark secretEmilyExotic showgirl from a magical time gone by vixen with excellent make up, who can only live in smoke and water, you live in a underwater metropolis

Yo-Landi Vi$$er

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