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I just found out about a website called Regretsy. It is very very funny.

I have had no bad times on Esty, the few things I have bought from there have been really well made and what I was expecting. Unlike the shizzle on Regretsy, a website dedicated to all the bizarre arts and crafts on the Esty site. The person who writes about each piece is acerbic, cruel, yet painfully funny and truthful. I can feel many a *working hour* being whittled away on this site.

Some of my favs so far:

Here are my boundaries; no paintings of bird girls getting cornholed by human headed pigeon guys in the basket of a hot air balloon. Other than that, I’m pretty open

She got off most of the old cheese, so that’s good. It only smells a little like a bum’s nutsack. Oh sure, it’s not perfect, but you try cleaning a cheese grater with a cigarette.

Rock a Bye Baby
In yo mad drop
Fucking dem niggaz
Shooting dem cops
When the bough breaks
I be rubbing my tits
And homies and ballers
Be sucking my clit
Shhhhh! She’s asleep, yo!


  1. This post got todays biggest giggle hands down :)...thank you!

  2. Genius!! I need to visit this site as I've had a quite a few shonky items from Etsy. Mind you, nothing like the rusty cheese grater.

  3. Ok, yup just went through the whole site and laughed my ass off. Was supposed to to designing a cover for a single but instead I'm laughing at knitted vaginas. Cheers Sapphire!

  4. Anonymous28.10.09

    HAHA Just what the doctor ordered! Thanks!


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