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So, if you had to choose a set of parents from those listed below, who would you go for, and pray tell, why? Greta Garbo and I forget his name, the is taken from a film called Grand Hotel. She is a ballerina, who's star is fading, he is a professional scam merchant, who's intentions were to fleece Garbo, but as you can tell, he falls in love with her. Not sure who these two are, but they look pretty cool to me These two are from the film Supergirl, don't front, you know you love it. Pretty evil and power madRobot lady is Maria from the, to quote Bill and Ted, most excellent film Metropolis (1927)
The man is called Rotwang, yep, Rotwang. He could be your dad...
For full details of film, please look here, it is too late at night for me to do the storyline justice.
Chani and Paul Atreides, my personal choice. Two Swashbucklers Malcom X & Betty Shabazz Salvador Dali & Helena Diakonova Marcello & Maddalena from La Dolce Vita Joan Crawford & Clark Gable
Two free stylers Jeannie & the Captain Frankenstein & his bride

Parents with masks, who would have dressed you up as an owl


  1. Marcello & Maddalena from La Dolce Vita!
    This sounds extremely shallow, but they are just too gorgeous for words. Love this post :D

  2. Definitely the last ones. Hells yeah.

  3. dali. because i would pray that some of his talent rubbed off on me and i could paint. plus he is kinda mad. i like crazy people. but being dressed as an owl as a baby would result in some damn cute photos. except i haaate owls.

    and YES i have seen the neverending story i LOVE it! the book is amazing.

  4. the last ones, definitely. ;-)

    i like dali too.. wow. i could almost imagine it.

    almost. hehe.


  5. I think the parents with masks would certainly fulfil my superhero/dress-up requirements.
    I would have loved it for my own parents to have been a bit more adventurous in their choice of attire when I was growing up; I don’t know where I get it from but it certainly isn’t from my folks that’s for sure.
    Sometimes I actually feel like I am the product of the fusion of genes from Frankenstein & his bride, especially when shuffling up the stairs to the loo in the morning & almost scaring the bejesus outta myself when catching my reflection in the bathroom mirror. I have to say that I do love her fabby Don King meets Cruella De Ville hairstyle!
    On a less superficial level I’d probably have to pick Malcolm X & Betty Shabazz as parents on the basis that they were in my opinion people of substance, courage & true intellect.
    Great post...x


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