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  1. ummmm, owls. odd. i dont HATE the actual birds, i think they are pretty and the way they feed and hunt and everything is damn cool. i love the owl in the film bambi and the labryinth.

    i just dont like how a few years ago they suddenly popped up in fashion EVERYWHERE. owl prints, owl pendant necklaces etc and people were just buying them up, wasting all this money and i was just like 'but, but why owls?!!!' a friend of mine answered with 'its cool' and that just put me off totally. buying some trend, motif etc bc it was cool irritated me bc there are things like unicorns that i adore and will buy and i dont want to be identified with someone who is just doing it bc its trendy. like cupcakes and skulls- both of which i also love the symbols of.

    does that make sense?


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