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Today was a good day, the reason being, I found the book above whilst shelving in the adult fiction paperbacks. This is lush for many reasons:
I have never come across a copy before
Somebody had made it missing on the database, Braindance to the rescue
My daughter loves it as much as I do
I have learned who wrote the story, A Germanic Man
I am a geek who loves a Braindance story, this one is weaved into the very fabric of my childhood.
I love this story very deeply, the film is one of the best films ever
made, fact.
I just used the word love a lot.
I defy anybody to watch the scene with his horse and the swamp of sadness, and not cry.
Man, I watch it now with my children, and I still get weepy. The metaphor of the "nothing" is wonderful and a profound way of exploring the universe and the mysteries within.
So, all other books have been pushed back this weekend, I am off to fly with Falkor. If that name means nothing to you, hang your head in shame.
This is going to be as exciting as when I read the Wizard Of Oz, so much more went down in the book than in the film, and the film is ace.

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