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The picture above is so ace, I thought it was a photo at first, but somebody actually painted that shizzle. Top skills.
Take my advice:


  1. thanks so much for the comment on my blog, i was floored with how amazing it is.

    i applaud your efforts for your daughters and only hope when i have kids i do the same. my mother was constantly watching what she ate, did different diets, complained about her weight.... while she never actually said anything negative about my own weight/body/eating habits i think it did effect me in some way. not that i blame her for my eating disorder AT ALL, but i do belive kids kinda learn about body image through osmosis when they are young.

    i never had any peers or friends call me fat, but i did compare myself to them more so than celebrities when i was going through puberty

  2. great, amazing photos! love that last one ;)


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