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Maciej Dakowicz

All of the pictures were taken by the same man, different parts of the world.
His website is well worth a look.


  1. I really like this photographer’s raw approach & mixing these photos together like you've done here certainly creates a masterful contrast.
    The rubbish dump photos are more harrowing than repellent as they speak volumes about a world of foul unfairness & inequality whereas the Cardiff photos just disgusts & riles me!
    WTF have we become; appallingly vile specimens of humankind.
    If this is what constitutes a night on the town in the UK today, then I’m glad I don’t go out anymore.
    It just mystifies me than in a country where we still supposedly have freedom of choice, this is the existence we choose, mind-boggling!

  2. I also feel the same about the Cardiff pictures, they are so disgusting and truthful, I almost have too look through my hands. The way he saturates the colour, highlighting the ugly way in which the Cardiff people are acting, it is gutting to know that is a normal night out for many. My friend would totally press the button on that lot, and if I am honest, I dont think I would stop him.

  3. I agree, the photos are very raw and powerful!

  4. I can't get over the photo with the child and the little (monkey?) brains.

    So now that I can comment on Blogger again, what's the etiquette for replying to comments? I figured I'd do it here so it's more direct. Those Spartans are good aren't they? I think I have a thing for PVC now. Bebaroque makes such amazing stuff. I really like the ones with trim running down the back. A DIY project, perhaps...

  5. Jesus! Going over to look at his website.


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